Bamboo Curtain-Window & Balcony Blinds (2X3FT) Dark Brown


Product description

Bamboo Chicks made from handcrafted and hand woven from bamboo sticks ideal for making blinds which not only provide shade from sunlight but also adorn the window. This come in standard size but can also customized.

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About this item

  • Material: Bamboo roll up blinds/curtain are made up of 100% natural Eco-friendly bamboo for perfect nature lovers.
  • Package Content- 1pc
  • Purpose: These bamboo blinds are used for both summer and winter and it is perfect fit for indoor. Note: Not Suitable for Outdoor, this is a natural product and mildew and warping may occur if exposed to damp/wet conditions for external periods.
  • Usage: Easy to operate and it fold into roll up design and simple pulley mechanism to adjust with your own height. Note: bamboo curtains do not need to be washed. They can simply be dusted and wiped with a soft sponge.
  • Installation: It comes with easy installation, screw the hanger nails and hang the bamboo blinds. Follow the instructions in the image for a seamless installation.


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