All From Bamboo

Bed & Bath

Ever heard of bamboo fiber towel or bedsheet?
These are exclusive 100% Bamboo Fiber Super aabsorbant Towels. Bamboo Bedsheets, Quilts, Rajais, Blankets, Duvet covers, Mattress protector and lots more made from Bamboo

Kitchen & Dining

A unique selection of digitally printed bamboo placemats and runners with over 50 designs. These mats are durable and can be easily folded to store and are also easy to clean.

Carpets & Blinds

With a Bamboo Carpet you don’t have to worry about stains, spillage, drycleaning or dust. These Bamboo carpets are anti dust, and very easy to clean. They come in standard size but can also customized.

Baby Care

Bamboo is naturally Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal, perfect to make clothing for babies These are exclusive baby bath and bed linens made from 100% bamboo fiber. Organic and Natural product from Rayon derived from bamboo.

Health & Beauty

Making use of health benefits of bamboo charcoal we provide bamboo charcoal pillows, knee-pads and belts for pain relief. Bamboo Charcoal Infused bristles Bamboo toothbrushes have recently flushed the market with a go green agenda.

Gifts & More

Gift your loved ones a peice of bamboo! A painting on bamboo, or a beautiful bamboo stole for your lady, or a gift basket with all things bamboo!! Let's share the gift of nature with everyone we know.

Bamboo in Fitness

Stay fit and feel fit in our bamboo Yoga T-shirts and Yoga Pants and look like a guru when you practise those yoga poses on our hand made Yoga Mats. These are easy to fold & carry, multi functional mats. They can also be used as picnics mats or sleeping mats.

Home Utilities

Lets your home become an eco friendly space. Bamboo gives a cool look to your home products like bamboo flasks, tissue boxes and even hair brushes and toothbrushes. Eco- friendly office and home products made from bamboo.

Clothing & Fashion

Brining to you a sustainable way in fashion and clothing with bamboo stoles in beautiful block prints, comfortable yoga wear and fabrics to customise ypur daily wear.

Home Medical Supplies

Surging Covid 19 cases and multiple waves urged us to keep our supplies for oxygen concentrators ahead on the line. Let's save lives of our loved ones and be ready for the fight against the corona virus.

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