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Children born in today’s age are subject to deteriorating environmental pollution and highly infected atmosphere. Very soon we will see our children travelling to schools with masks and oxygen bottles on their back. It’s time to wake up!

Our children need more protection than us elders. This is where bamboo comes in as a savior of future genrations. Bamboo fabrics protect the tender skin of babies against infections due to its anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and UV protection properties.

Bamboo fiber is naturally soft and silky. The micro fiber blankets that you give to your children are also very soft on the outside, but are very harmful on the inside. Small micro fibers particles that your children breathe over the night get accumulated in the lungs and cause irreparable allergies. Wrapped up cozily in the comfort of a bamboo fiber blanket or quilt, your baby can breathe and sleep safe and sound.

Similarly, excessive use of harmful sun screen films must be avoided from your baby’s skin. A baby bath gown made from bamboo fiber will let the water dry out faster and protect the soft skin of the baby against harmfull UV Rays.

A healthy child is the future of India. Let us look after our children in a natural and healthy way.

Bamboo Fiber Baby Product

  1. Bamboo Baby Hooded Towel

  2. Bamboo Baby Bath robe

  3. Bamboo Fiber Baby Summer Quilt

  4. Bamboo Fiber Baby Blanket

  5. Bamboo Fiber Baby Cot Sheets

  6. Bamboo Fiber  Baby Sheets

  7. Bamboo Fiber Baby Diaper Cover/ Nappy

  8. Bamboo Fiber Baby Pillow + Blanket Set

  9. Bamboo Fiber Baby Sleeping Bag/ Jumper

  10.  Bamboo Fiber Baby Star Wrap

  11. Bamboo Fiber Baby Wraps And Dohar

  12. Bamboo Fiber Baby Bath Set

  13. Bamboo Fiber Bath Robe For Kids

  14. Bamboo Fiber Kids Sleeping Bags/ Jumper

  15. Bamboo Fiber Baby Wrap Sheet Pink

  16. Bamboo Fiber Baby Pillow


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