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Why we need Bamboo in our daily lives?

  1. Clothing can be produced without chemical additives.
  2. The high luster and soft feel of bamboo fabric compares to very fine silk and cashmere.
  3. It is naturally anti static.
  4. Bamboo naturally protects against the sun’s harmful rays and is UV resistant.
  5. Bamboo fibers are naturally anti fungal, anti bacterial and mildew resistant.
  6. Bamboo takes natural color well and has good color fastness.
  7. Bamboo fibers are porous making fabric that is breathable.
  8. Bamboo also has natural moisture wicking, takes moisture away from the body and transfers it to the garment’s surface to evaporate. This keeps the body cool and dry during hot weather and clothing doesn’t stick to the skin.
  9. Has excellent insulator and thermal regulating characteristics that maintain body temperature regardless of changing conditions.
  10. Bamboo clothing is machine washer and dryer safe at warm temperatures. There is very little shrinkage from washing and drying.

Bamboo Fiber Product Include:

  1. Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel
  2. Bamboo Fiber Bath Towel Set
  3. Bamboo Fiber Hair Wrap
  4. Bath Gown
  5. Bed Sheets
  6. Blankets
  7. Throw
  8. Duvets and Quilts
  9. Duvet cover
  10. Mattress Protector
  11. Bamboo Pillow
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