Bamboo Fiber is better than Cotton

Bamboo is naturally Anti-Bacterial &  Anti-fungal – perfect to make clothing for babies and people with allergies.

Bamboo naturally contains an anti bacterial agent, bamboo kun, that prevents, kills or reduces the growth of bacteria. Scientific tests have been conducted to analyse the effects of bamboo kun which shows that a large percentage of bacteria that incubates on bamboo fabric is killed due to bamboo kun. Along with being anti-bacterial, bamboo is also anti-fungal and resistant to mildew. All of these qualities of the plant carry over to the fabric which is why bamboo fabric is the perfect material to make towels, bed sheets and clothing for people with allergies.

Other benefits of using Bamboo fiber:

  1. Extra Soft and Silky
  2. Ultra Absorbent – Absorbs 4-5 times more water than cotton.
  3. Eco Friendly – It is 100%bio-degradable. It’s impact on the environment is also much less than cotton while growing. Cultivation of conventional cotton requires large quantities of water and pesticides.
  4. UV protection – Bamboo fabric can be treated to make it UV protective.
  5. Breathing fabric – It is more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool and synthetic fabrics.
  6. Anti-Odor – Bamboo fibers are naturally resistant to odor retention.
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