Bamboo Greens Dining Table Runner Red Flower Print, Size : 30 x 135 Cms


  • Material: Bamboo (17mm wide sticks make the runner strong and sturdy and look bold)
  • Package Contents: 1 Table Runner (30x135cm) ( With Anti-Slip Backing)
  • To Store: Roll the runner with sticks facing outwards
  • To Wash: Easy to clean with a wet cloth or soapy sponge. No need to soak in water or dry clean
  • Bamboo is an eco friendly product bamboo sticks have been printed in a beautiful design stitched with border that gives it protection and a long life.


Bamboo Sticks (17MM wide) have been digitally printed, PU coated and stitched with a cloth/nylon border to give it a longer life. These Table Runner can be rolled and stored and are also easy to wash. Heat insulation runner not only can protect your dinner table, but also is a stylish decoration for your home. Bamboo is Anti dust so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it all the time, simply clean it with wet/ dry cloth daily. The PU coating makes it anti-stain, but incase you still feel the need to clean thoroughly, use a soapy sponge. No need to soak.


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