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An environmentally conscious initiative for a healthier and greener India.
Bamboo is our planet’s most renewable and adaptive resource. Choose bamboo for a responsible lifestyle.
We are bringing green waves across India with our environment friendly products made of bamboo.

Born in 2009, Bamboo Greens was a green initiative of Retd. Col Arun Mehandru. He took voluntary retirement from the army at an early age. He travelled miles across the globe in research of new ideas and products that could bring a valuable change in people’s life.

One such discovery he made that changed his life completely and so will it change for India is Bamboo. Having discovered bamboo’s potential as a green alternative to various daily use products, he planted the roots of Bamboo Greens.

Pioneering in the fild of Bamboo we are instrumental in bringing some of the most exclusive bamboo products to the people of India.

Our exclusive range of colours and digital prints over bamboo placemats, table runners, floor mats, prayer mats and yoga mats that match with modern and traditional interiors and give them a new look.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world which requires no pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo can replace various non-biodegrable products in the market, making it the most versatile and renewable natural resource. For more details Click Here

Bamboo can be used to make natural fibers to produce clothings and linens which will reduce the use of trees and its fibers like cotton. By opting for bamboo products we can help in encouraging the use of bamboo and shift from trees for its wood. For more details Click Here

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